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Condensed Matter Summer Research Student - University of Birmgingham

20 June 2011 - 10 September 2011

During the summer of 2011 I worked as a research student in the University of Birmingham's Condensed Matter Research Department. The work involved modelling the interaction of neutrons with magnetic fields to aid in the design of electromagnets to separate neutrons according to their wavelength. My primary responsibilities were:

  • writing and testing simulation code;
  • considering possible approaches to the problem;
  • liaising with research staff to discuss new approaches and results.

I wrote the simulation in MATLAB, a language I was familiar with at the time. The code needed to have a straightforward interface so that others could use it once I had left, as well as being efficient and accurate enough for the problem specification. With this in mind I implemented the following:

  • Runge-Kutta coupled ODE solver with adaptive step size capability;
  • discrete element methods for modelling the magnetic field produced by an array of wires;
  • object-orientated approach toward the implementation of the electromagnets and associated geometry;
  • thorough documentation and a user-guide.

Labels: MATLAB; Mathematics; Physics; Condensed Matter; Superconductivity