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PhD Particle Physics - Lattice QCD - University of Southampton

1 October 2012 - 1 October 2016

I conducted research as part of the high energy physics research group in the department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Southampton. Specifically, I worked on lattice QCD in a team of about a dozen people, simulating particle physics interactions to come up with observables to compare with experiments. My various activities included:

  • writing and running analysis code (Python) to analyse results from simulations;
  • writing new simulation code (C++) to enhance simulation results;
  • liaising with colleagues in a research team, following a unified strategy to achieve specific research goals;
  • presenting results to colleagues in both the UK and USA via teleconference;
  • aiding undergraduate physicists in problem classes, then marking their work and providing feedback on their performance.

My specific areas of research included g - 2 and the optimisation of domain wall fermions for charm physics.

During my PhD I developed the following skills:

  • effective and efficient implementation of C++, Cython and Python codes;
  • knowledge of computer architectures and optimization for high performance computing;
  • presentation and scientific communication skills;
  • statistical analysis, including chi-squared minimisation and resampling techniques.

During this time I also developed pyQCD, a lattice QCD Python package using Cython and C++ to provide native code performance to lattice simulations with a Python interface.

Labels: Mathematics; C++; Physics; Python; Cython; Monte Carlo; Linux