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Student Engineer - Mott MacDonald, Cambridge

1 September 2009 - 31 August 2010

For a year I worked as a student engineer in Mott MacDonald's Water and Environment Division. I worked in the plant and process team, which is concerned with the design of water and waste-water treatment processes. During this time I worked on a variety of projects for both domestic and overseas clients.

Mott MacDonald was contracted by the Sultanate of Oman to assess the security of Oman's potable water supply. My key contributions were:

  • compiling risk assessments produced by my colleagues into a unified set of summary tables;
  • producing graphics illustrating proposed changes to the supply network and water treatment works;
  • using data on previous supply failures to perform a Monte Carlo analysis with the objective of determining an optimal water storage tank size.

During my time in this position I also played a significant role in the Newton Water Treatment Works project undertaken on behalf for Anglian Water. The client wished to build a new water treatment works near Newton, Lincolnshire. My key contributions to this project were:

  • aiding in the design of a water sampling scheme to determine the quality of the water to be treated;
  • determining a suitable location along the River Trent from which to draw water samples;
  • liaising with Anglian Water's sampling team to arrange for water samples to be taken;
  • analysing and distributing water quality data amongst the various peoples involved in the project;
  • preparing briefing papers to update colleagues on the status of various site visits;
  • aiding in the determination of the appropriate coagulant dose to achieve optimal coagulation.

I also assumed the role of IT representative for the office in which I worked for seven months. This involved allocating company laptops to employees travelling for business, liaising with the IT department and moving computer hardware during an office relocation.

Labels: Engineering; Monte Carlo; VBA