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MEng Chemical Engineering - University of Birmgingham

1 October 2007 - 1 June 2012

Chemical engineering is primarily about manufacturing chemicals on an industrial scale in a safe and economical manner. This degree therefore contained the fundamentals of process design, such as:

  • mass, heat and momentum transport,
  • thermodynamics,
  • reactor design,
  • binary distillation,
  • heat exchangers and heat integration,
  • other unit operations such as liquid-liquid extraction, membrane filtration and crystallisation.

As well as this, there were also topics of a professional and economic nature, such as:

  • calculation of plant and process capital and operating costs,
  • energy reuse and recycling,
  • project management and marketing,
  • renewable energy sources and life-cycle analysis.

In my third year I undertook a ... Read more

Labels: Engineering; MATLAB; Mathematics; C++; Marketing; COMSOL

BSc Open Degree - Open University

6 January 2010 - 5 October 2011

Over two years I undertook four level 3 modules with the Open University in physics and mathematics in the following four subjects:

Combined, the modules were equivalent to the third year of an undergraduate physics degree, and I had to use my time management skills very effectively to fit the extra 16 hours of weekly study around my work at Mott MacDonald and my existing university work. I used existing credit from my first two years at the University of Birmingham to create an Open University Open Degree.

Labels: Mathematics; Physics

Student Engineer - Mott MacDonald, Cambridge

1 September 2009 - 31 August 2010

For a year I worked as a student engineer in Mott MacDonald's Water and Environment Division. I worked in the plant and process team, which is concerned with the design of water and waste-water treatment processes. During this time I worked on a variety of projects for both domestic and overseas clients.

Mott MacDonald was contracted by the Sultanate of Oman to assess the security of Oman's potable water supply. My key contributions were:

  • compiling risk assessments produced by my colleagues into a unified set of summary tables;
  • producing graphics illustrating proposed changes to the supply network and ... Read more

Labels: Engineering; Monte Carlo; VBA